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by S. Jha (2007)

I was shown this vision part after part... on the 6th of August 2007.

The sky over America was grey. Around the land of America ,
this is what I saw:
I saw money but no wealth
food but no health
knowledge but no wisdom
Morals, in some churches, which are of no avail in the Kingdom

I saw eyes glued to see the American dream, but blind to the
Kingdom vision
Greedy leaders seeking money, depending not on God´s Provision.

I saw breasts running dry, that could not feed others,
Deceivers were milking the Christian sisters and brothers

The richest nation was yet in debt. I saw a large vault door,
marked the Nation´s gold. Inside, it was empty. There was no gold there.

I saw beds in houses, but no sleep. The sheets looked unslept in,
the bedroom carpets of some looked worn from pacing to and fro,
in deep anxiety.

I saw many at the dining table, with a plateful of multi-colored
capsules and tablets, decorating the plate as dressing. I saw
that some were mere `vanity pills´.
I saw fear, confusion, anxiety in the Nation and in the church in America .

Erosion erosion erosion.
Mess mess mess.
I saw false security, false confidence.

Many beautiful eagles, had turned to vultures.

I saw church leaders who had received a call from God to `Go
on a sabbatical´, refuse, and choose rather to stay and `run their

I heard the Lord Say, " I Gave America , leaders, pioneers, families."
I asked , `Lord where are they?"
" They aborted them," came the Reply.

There were abortions in abortion clinics, and abortions in the church.

I saw people beaten black and blue, thrown out of church to where
the dustbins lay. A few managed to crawl their way to the main
road, and were divinely revived.

I saw some women, sitting in churches, with dark glasses putting
on make up very carefully. They were wearing dark gray polo neck
sweaters, hiding scars, of abuse. I saw that the sun glasses were
to hide the severely bruised eyes. The make-up was to prevent
people from noticing that they were women who suffered abuse.
Underneath the sweater were further wounds that they were hiding.
I saw oppression on their faces.
Across on the horizon, I saw the statue of liberty. As I gazed at it, looking
puzzled, I was told, " Liberty is not a statue".

As I was flown over the land of America , I saw T.V. studios,
shooting plotted/scripted `reality´ shows, I saw in homes, unnatural
foods and unnatural relationships.

I saw young adults/ children in garages and hidden buildings,
experimenting on making home-made bombs.

I saw murderers, rapists, child abusers, dangerous criminals,
being given a small piece of paper such as one sees cocaine
wrapped in. They were to read a short prayer scribbled on this
little chit of paper, after making a donation, and were immediately
declared Christians by these greedy leaders. These criminals had
a gold color cross placed around their necks by these leaders and
sent through a door, where there was a passage that was dark
within. These unredeemed sat in churches, with the redeemed.
They were like a time bomb ready to explode. They spoke
christianese fluently. They were Christians, not by having
repented, but just by a prayer that they had said by rote.

I saw various piles of wood ready for the sacrifice unto the Lord,
but the people who had before been ready to sacrifice their lives,
unto the Lord, were now playing ping pong, tennis/games or
swimming in adjacent streams. They would not lay down what
was precious to them. These were those God had GREAT plans
for, but they just could not come out of their leisure mode.

Sacrifice had now become an unfamiliar word to them.
Their games would soon end, for the Lord in His Grace and
Mercy would be chastising them, yet deal graciously with them.

In the west, I saw a giant pile of marijuana and drugs burning,
and the smoke from this was wafting all over the country giving
people new highs.

I saw what seemed like the spiritual environment, in the Book
of Judges, `every man doing that which was right in his own
eyes´, and when the oppression was too great, a leader was
raised up to usher in a `revival´. When that `high´ evaporated, many
went back to´ business as usual´, and talked of `the good ole days of revival´.

I saw many nation-wide gatherings, calling the church and nation
to repentance. Many of the leaders who had preached doctrinal
errors, spoken false prophecies, fleeced their Christian brothers
and sisters for personal gain, etc, stood on the forefront, and
confessed everyone else´s sins, but never their own biblical
errors, or hidden sin. They just did not RECANT.

I saw many Christian `ideas´ for `doing church´, rise and fizzle,
and it was back to `business as usual´, for many.

People met in physical squares and cyber squares and thrashed
out `biblical concepts´, and discussed and argued biblical matters
to death. Conspiracy theories abounded in the church and in the nation.

God lovers though, continued their lives, distancing themselves
from the corruption around, much as if they lived in another
country, though they were on American soil.

Then suddenly, I heard the word `requisitioning´. Like the army
in war requisitions property/vehicles etc. Requisitioning.

I saw the seats of the mega churches shake, the leaders stood
on stage, under the bright lights but the people/congregations
were shaking, in their seats. Those who went bankrupt approached
the leaders of these mega churches for financial help.

The leaders, instead of extending a helping hand, like Marie
Antoinette, the Queen of France , said, "If you can´t find bread,
eat cake!" The people were pleading, "But for years we have
tithed to you". The plea fell on deaf ears.

Disillusioned disillusioned disillusioned.

All over America I saw many disillusioned.

Suddenly, everything was changing. People from world over were
rushing to their aid. Looking at the rapid changes/the upheavals
around them, the changes and circumstances they could not cope
with, there were those who became disillusioned by God. They felt
humiliated, rather than humbled.

But through the dark dismal smoke of disillusionment with the
church leaders and government, the shock of the sudden changes,
I saw many turn to the Lord, and others re-dedicate their lives to the Lord.

I saw elsewhere, people as `rabbits caught in the headlights´.
They were `frozen´ under a bright light that was blinding them.

These had a strange understanding of Who God is. They stood
frozen stiff, as if the God they served was holding a gun at their
heads outside a Seven Eleven, Saying `One false move and you´re
dead". The microwave mentality of leaders was trying to `grow´ and
`cook´ people to force them into a `maturity´.

Guilt and condemnation was binding such as these. They felt that
they had to be picture perfect before they could begin serving God.
For years they had been this way. They could not serve God,
because all the preaching they heard, made them feel guilty,
condemned, filthy.......and on the instructions of messages
coming from world-wide, they were waiting to be `picture perfect´
before they dared to even think of serving God, Whom, through
all the preaching they had heard was a hard task-master.

I saw that the Lord was releasing such as these from the years
of bondage emanating from such condemnatory messages.


I was shown some, who as it were in near death and death itself
experience, coming out, raised to their feet, by the Lord, made
ready to serve Him.

In dustbins, outside many churches, I saw covenants/
commitments that God had led many to make, broken and
discarded. These were now carelessly thrown in the bins, as
if they were meaningless.

Yet, I also saw others absolved and freed by the Lord from
unrighteous commitments / vows / covenants.

I was reminded of the Scripture, from Luke 23:11,12 "Then
Herod and his soldiers ridiculed and mocked him. Dressing him
in an elegant robe, they sent him back to Pilate. That day
Herod and Pilate became friends-before this they had been enemies."

I saw the Pilates strike up friendships with the Herods, whenever
the truth was to be crucified. I saw the Judases at work,

Money/cash/assets were being washed away, by the sea, in wave
after wave and flowing on to distant shores. I saw that people and
assets leaving to go world wide.

I saw some investors who had chased short term gains, now
thinking long-term.

I saw at a distance away, a cold distance growing between people
and government.

People had a mistrust of their government such as never before
seen in their history.
Priorities were constantly changing in the land.
America seemed no more the invincible nation, it once thought it
was. America was now a vulnerable nation.

Sometimes a gush of problems came like a forcefully running
faucet, other times, it was like a dripping tap, drip, drip, drip
after torturous drip.

At the times when it dripped, the false prophets would look
skyward and say, "Look, the Glory of the Lord, over the most-
loved nation on earth." This was the time, when the undiscerning
would be lured into a false sense of security.

The market place at times appeared more adaptable to change,
than the church.

On the personal level, I saw rapid declines and rapid promotions.

Greedy leaders were following market trends and down-sizing.
Some leaders in the church and government were busy sneaking
out their money to other shores for better returns. Bur inside
America they preached /propagated that all was well with
America , and people needed to have confidence in their fine nation.

I saw America being lured. Often times, the foreign policies of
the nation, were such that they worked to the advantage of the
neighbors of America ´s targeted nations/or those nations with
vested interest. So in a sense, America , was serving the
purposes of crafty nations, for free.

I heard the creaking of tall trees. The axe had hit them, it was but
a matter of time and they would crash.

Within the vision I was reminded of a vision I had seen many many
months ago. White Eagles And The Signet Rings

In that vision I had seen white eagles go all over the world and in
each nation give thick, solid gold signet rings to people. These
signet rings had also been given in America . These watchmen
world over were to warn their people of the deception coming from
the American shores.

The watchmen in America were authorized by this signet ring to
stop exports of deceptive teachings going world wide. I saw
barbed wire around the ships that exported/imported such deceptive teachings.

All those with signet rings were busy at their work.

I saw in disasters/calamities, many would not wait for the
government to help. I saw communities communities communities,
growing over painful time after time. I saw there was much one-
another-ing in America , in difficult/traumatic situations.

The more this happened I saw that there were many people
who seemed more relieved than distressed about such a thing happening.

Before my very eyes, I saw the America of today fading away.
The old America was as it were, gone. A new America was
evolving. The Texan-type obsession with `Big´ was dissipating.
A great move had begun to simplify life and be rid of the sham.
I saw people though they could well afford it, were choosing a
simpler less plastic life, and were becoming more interested
rather in philanthropy.

A change of historic proportion was taking place in America .
There was upheaval in society, Defense, industry, the market
place, and the seats of learning, to adapt/change to the
changing, ever fluid environment.

For the business world, it was time to get back to the drawing board.

I saw food/medical habits changing nation wide. Healthy food and
effective medicine were entering America .

I heard many corporate men and women shout, "Change the
advertisements, the people are changing." A glimpse of the past
`plastic America ´ was making many nauseous.

Business, communications, all were changing, from deep within,
not visible to the naked eye at first, but it was changing. The
ground beneath was gurgling and churning with change. The
businesses that could not quickly plan to assimilate change
were going under.

Americans were now re-defining the word-rich. Quality rather than
quantity was becoming the focus of many. Not that poverty was
being advocated; rather I saw people interested to learn and
understand what contentment meant.

Nonetheless, there were those who could not let go the past,
and they became as little olde type colonies within the nation,
extolling and aping the days of yore. Fighting/luring others, to
keep the old America together.

I saw a mammoth clash/a huge tussle throughout. The old
American wineskins versus the New American wineskins.

As a tussle, as between Esau and Jacob in the womb.
The beginning of the rapid end, of the old America , had commenced.

A new leaner, trimmer America would emerge. I saw people in
the distance walking upright, with a stick in their hand. Upon
the stick was written : MORAL AUTHORITY

As I looked around, I saw unbelievers were shaming believers
by having experiences and making confessions/statements,
based on the Scripture `what profits man if he gains the whole
world but loses his soul.........."

Yet, there remained a number of profiteering prophets, who sold
`ready-mix-quick-fix´ potions to those who chose to be deluded.

I heard many say, "As for me and my household, we will serve the
Lord.............you choose what you want to do", they said to the
rebellious, "we have chosen to follow Him".

The rebellious had other plans. They would fight to keep America in harlotry.

Though the church in America seemed in turmoil, the Lord has
His people who know Him, not through crusades, T.V., one to one
or any kind of evangelism. The Lord has revealed Himself to many
people of varied religious background. These would only be
revealed at a divine hour.

Across the seas, I saw the countries of the U.K. and the U.S.
shake hands and much evil passed through to each from the other.
As the two shook hands, off the arms of both were creepy crawlies
that transferred from one arm to the other. Both were picking up
the worst from each other, and their friendship would at times
prove worse than enmity.

For the nation and the church of both countries, the message
was...........the enemy is within.

I saw high places, and men standing alone, trying to bring
down these high places, by hurling stones, but to no avail...
I was shown that later a multitude would gather as one man,
and tear down many of those high places.

Many prophets who for a time and been raised up from within,
and without, to prophecy to America , faded away and the Lord
returned them to other work.

Leaders such as the prophet Zechariah, bringing the message
to build build build, were being trained in hiding, and at God´s
most appropriate hour they would be revealed.

Now I saw that no more were there `pockets of revival, with a `revival-
expiry date´, for those earnestly seeking God. The change to come
was reformation for life. The kind of change where there´s no looking
back. A daily revival within. Ever on fire, ever ready to sacrifice
everything to the Lord, ever ready to say, "Here I am Lord, I will go".

The Christian intelligentsia was offended, by the changes in the
church, as were those who preached `fairy tales´. There was no pleasing either.

The tussle between the two Americas continued.

Now, here I saw quite a few leaders publicly confess/repent/
recant their erroneous doctrines and ways.

The opponents of God´s ways, continued like `pick-pockets´ doing
all they could to keep the public distracted, and occupied in what
they called, `yet a better way´.

In the far distance I heard the chant, WE WANT BARABBAS, WE WANT BARABBAS".

I saw from the world over, a few leaders of the caliber of Martin
Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi were being raised.

To America , the old leader, Martin Luther King had said, " I have
a dream." To America , God´s chosen would come, and say, " I
have a Kingdom vision".

I heard the enemies of America , shout....fall fall America , fall at our feet.

I heard friends of America , within and without, say, "fall fall fall
America , fall prostrate, at Lord Jesus Christ´s Feet!

~S. Jha, 2007.
Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of theFather, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost Matthew 28 : 19

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