Houses of Hope Ministries Int. Nieuwsbrief/newsletter juli/july 2019

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Houses of Hope Ministries Int. Nieuwsbrief/newsletter juli/july 2019

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Newsletter July 2019

Friends of Houses of Hope Ministries International.
This is our 2019 second newsletter.
We like to give you an update on the developments of the past three months.
Meanwhile Pastor Wim has recovered and has finished his rehabilitation period in June. Now he weekly frequents a sports-school to bring his condition up to standard.
He is fully occupied working out the vision and planning of the activities for the Houses of Hope Ministries Churches in Ghana. Almost daily he has contact with his pastors in the different churches in Ghana. Giving and receiving feedback is very important for the developments of the different churches and ministries in Ghana. Even more so because of the enormous geographical distance between our two churches in Accra and the other three churches in the Brong Ahafo District near the border of Ivory Coast.
Pastor Cennick and his wife share a big responsibility overseeing these five churches in Ghana in good order.
Pastor Cennick’s church in Accra-Asofan begins to materialize. The walls have been drawn up halfway. Thanks to a number of gifts we could pour the concrete floor and the stage. The next phase will be making the concrete beams that will have to be put above the windows and doors, so that we can extend the walls more. For this we need to buy cement, sand and concrete iron so that our bricklayer can put these in a mold.
Also we must make more stones to further build the walls. Step by step we see our building in AccraAsofan develop.
Pouring concrete floor of the church building in Accra-Asofan
First service after surgery
The previous month we received a gift to buy extra plastic chairs for the church. We now have 30 pieces and we will need to buy another 100 pieces at € 7,50 each. So each time we have to take a leap in faith!
We have stopped constructing the church-building in Berekum for now. We did not get enough feedback from the pastor and the leaders. In October pastor Wim wants to evaluate the developments there, together with pastor Cennick and then see which steps will be next.
Pastor Emmanuel’s church in Sunyani sees a steady development. Through weekly Bible-studies the brothers and sisters of this church are developing more stability in their faith. We also see that they want to be involved more and more in every activity and those are good developments.

Our Drobo church has a problem. The owner of the church-building wants to establish a few shops there and has ended the tenancy. We now have to find another place within two months. We are considering buying a small lot and to build a small wooden building on it. We are praying to seek God’s direction for this.

Do you want to help build? Target: 4.000 stones at 80 euro cents.
The project “Bricks for Ghana” is now fully in progress. We are looking for donations to build our churches. We already placed the foundation of one church. Many thanks to our donors. Our focus lies on the churches of Houses of Hope kerk Accra- Asofan and the House of Hope church in Berekum and Drobo, Brong Ahafo Region.
The development of the church itself is going well. The evening-curfew, set up by the military after the riots of last year, has been cancelled. People are allowed to go in the streets again during the evening. Because of this we could re-start our church-activities again during evening-hours.
There are very few changes in pastor Paul’s church on the garbage-dump of Agbogbloshie in Accra. Church-growth is slow because we are in an area with muslems of two different, conflicting tribes. It is by the grace of God that we can bring the Gospel to this garbage-dump, being the only church there. The spiritual and material needs are incredible. We greatly respect pastor Paul who presses on, despite everything. We know that God brought us here with a purpose.
In many countries the development of mega-churches, often developed by prosperity-preachers, is seen as positive; for us it is important that we hear the voice of God and understand the calling He has given us to reach out to poor, very poor people without any perspective for the future. We are so thankful when even one person gives his life to Jesus and a change takes place.
It is especially for these people that we put up our micro-projects and we work for that, so that they will also have perspective for the future for themselves and for their families. Drops on a glowing plate, but very precious drops indeed!

To give you some idea what we could do the past four years, thanks to the grace of God and also thanks to your help:
 Planting five Houses of Hope Ministries Int. Churches in different parts of Ghana.
 Supporting a young student with a muslem background with a computer and finances so that he could finish his studies in nutrition. This year he got his certificate and he will continue his studies at one of Accra’s universities.
 Financially supporting pastor Cennick’s wife. She is a nurse, so that with a follow-up study she can get to a higher level.
 Supporting a brother from one of the churches who is a nurse to have a follow-up study to reach the level of head-nurse.
 Supporting parents with finances, who do not have enough money to have their children attend school, by paying the school-fees of the children so that they will get an education and at least one meal a day as well, which is not natural in Ghana.
 Supporting a brother with finances and a sister from one of our churches to be trained as a tailor and seamstress. They finished their education with a certificate.
 Supporting a brother with finances so that he can do a training as a welder. He just started with that. And so there are more people in our churches that we could help finish studies to have a better perspective to get a job.
 Setting up different micro-projects: A taxi-business, a hairdresser’s shop, an agricultural project, a shop, an art-gallery.
 Starting the construction of two simple church-buildings.

Houses of Hope Ministries International | P.O.Box 2012, 8203 AA, Lelystad, the Netherlands | | KvK 32159002 Donations and gifts: Rabobank: IBAN: NL66 RABO 0153 4276 47
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