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Gabrielle Lit : Last events and the power of prophesie.

GeplaatstCOLON Za Sep 03, 2016 4:37 pm
door Ton
G.F. Lit [ ]

Last events and the power of prophesie.

Dear friends,

shabbat shalom from the Holy city, Jerusalem

Two weeks ago i returned from Holland and England.
We could do great things in His migthy name.
We healed the sick, saved people and brought people into
freedom. In 6 weeks i preached 20 times on different places.
This was prophesied the week i left Israel. Mike ( from King of Kings) said: Gabrielle,
God is giving you platforms and stages;
you will speak the words of the Lord Adonai
and He gives you the microphones.

For the end of the year i am invited back to minister in prophesie and healing.
In England and Holland there are great expectations: See what the Lord can do....!

People are opening their heart for the jews and Israel. I am just a mouthpeace
to tell the truth!

Back in Jerusalaim:

Day after day i could help people in soupkitchens to clean, to play the piano
do the baby Rainbow, involved in Rehab and shelters etc.etc.
blessing the poor and the needy, special to be with the lonely ones.

I prayed for a man in the Jaffo rd who was in much backpain,
this week his wife said he could sleep again without pain!

I prayed for my orthodox friends who lived in a terrible place,
now they invited me to see their new brandnew house!

Dreams and visions:

My friend Rhony born in Jerusalem said this week to me:
Gabriella, last night i saw Yeshua in my room and He touched me.
He is a changed man from cursing now blessing, he even prayed for me!

Israel Prayer Tower :

A lady got a revelation about somebody who suffered from pain. Something happened when she was 7 years old.
I said: i never ever leave my house without painkillers, doctors advice was
to take it 3 times a day.
. Since that day 3 months ago i do not use any painkiller anymore!! We serve the best Doctor Yehova Rapha.
I am so thankfull, my cup is overflowing!.

If God put on your heart to help me you can!
By Gods grace we could open a Israeli Bankaccount: see below

Love you and bless you in the name of the God of Israel,

Bank name: Israel Discount Bank LTD
Branchnumber: 066
Branch name: rechvia
Account number Iban: IL730110660000138644006
Benficiarys name: Gabrielle Febe Lit
address: Jaffa street, Jerusalem

mobile 00972 55 68 98 328

Re: Gabrielle Lit : Last events and the power of prophesie.

GeplaatstCOLON Vr Aug 10, 2018 2:01 pm
door Ton
From: G.F. Lit <>

----------Dear friend,

dit is pastor Ezekiel in pakistan preaching the gospel day after day, under attacks and persecution

i am praying that the Lord put in somebody a big desire to visit pastor Ezekiel in Pakistan,

maybe YOU....? let your prayer be: Lord send me.

Many years ago i was there and prayed for this young man, then he was a teenager;

now he is married to Sana and a father of 4 children,

When i was in Pakistan with my sister Clementine and Johanna the Taliban was after us,

the school was closed where we stayed because of a warning for a terrorist attack.

also in the street we were followed and has to escape to a nearby restorant;

please pray the Lord will send somebody to be a blessing in Lahore

love from gabriella in Jerusalem


Re: Gabrielle Lit : Last events and the power of prophesie.

GeplaatstCOLON Ma Sep 10, 2018 9:43 pm
door Ton
G.F. Lit <>

shalom from the mount of Olives (Olijfberg)
we read in Zacharia 14 The Messiach of Israel will set His feet on this mountain
You see the picture of the graves from the religious jews;
this is the reason why they want to be burried there.
Yesterday we blew the big sjofar for the new year: in judaism the rabbi s believe the creation started on the New Year (Rosh Hasjana) so also Adam and Eve!!
The 2 aunties from prince William of England are burried on this mountain. They saved many jews
from the deathcamps.
What we ask you to have a burning love for every jew everywhere and understanding their belief
Are they not called The apple of HIS eye..?
we are surrounded in israel by 156 miljon muslims who wants to drive us in the sea, we are only six miljon (6 miljoen) BUT we have a power that makes the world tremble EL SHADDAI
If you doubt G-D come to Israel and see and taste!!
or maybe you like to invite my friends from Israel to come over and speak and teach about the Thora, The Bible.. The last trip with Keren and Hayim from Jerusalem was amazing, 10 days only but Holland embrazed them with all of their hearts.
Please let me know, we will organize a next trip in august 2019
If you want to offer them a place to stay let us know!!!!!

with kind regards
yours gabriella
contact me in oktober (i will arrive 5 oktober in NL)
on mobile: 06 29324998
in all of November in England and Scotland: 044 1159810867 (mrs. Thompson)

Re: Gabrielle Lit : Last events and the power of prophesie.

GeplaatstCOLON Di Sep 25, 2018 5:19 pm
door Ton
Dear friends, this is Victoria Joelle. On 23 september 2018 in the morning my dear mother Gabrielle Febe past away. She will be buried 27 september in JERUSALEM, Israel. Time and location we will know Tomorrow 25 september. Please send a text to 00972-559471063 or Whatsapp 0031-645297227 or email: IF you can attend the funeral. Please do not call this number because I need to inform everyone all over the World. My mom loved everyone so much! ! Including you. Please sent a text if you would like to attend the funeral. Godbless you.

Beste vrienden, dit is Victoria Joelle. Op 23 september 2018 is mijn Lieve moeder Gabrielle Febe overleden. Zij zal 27 september worden begraven in JERUSALEM, Israel. Zend een bericht naar: 00972-559471063 of Whatsapp 0031-645297227 of email: Bel dit nummer alstublieft niet want ik probeer iedereen over de gehele wereld te informeren. Mijn moeder hield zoveel van iedereen! ! Ook u. Laat u het weten via bericht indien u aanwezig kunt zijn bij de begravenis. Liefs en Godszegen